Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Playing Catch-up, Day 2

We have been thinking about putting Brooke in Pre-school for a while but it just never worked out.Even with dance providing a social outlet, I needed to find better teachable opportunities. We needed to add a little bit of structure to our day. So I decided to order some home school material to work on together.We picked Mother Goose Time because it comes with everything you need; lesson plans, craft supplies, even decorations for your "classroom"! I haven't mastered the everyday thing but it is nice to pull out crafts on rainy days that are too hot to play outside. Here are pics from our first day of school.
Brooke and Maddux making their name tags

I did it mommy!

Brooke showing out while their puppets dry.

Like I said before, forever posing!!!

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Fonda said...

So, are those puppets their self-portraits? Cute!