Thursday, August 20, 2009

Great Day

Today was Maddux's 6 month doctors visit, it was a week late do to the doctor being booked solid for school physicals. Maddux is 24 inches tall and 17.5 lbs. The doctor said this makes him 90% for height, 50% for weight and 100% perfect... but we already knew the last one. Maddux was really good up until shot time. He got 4 shots and one medicine by mouth. We have been cleared to start giving him some table foods along with his baby food, so tonight I am going to go get some biter biscuits to start him out. We have a few of these really cool net things that are like a paci but instead of a nipple it has a net. You put the food in it and he can gum on it without the worry of him choking. The first picture was taken at dad's birthday dinner which was the day after his official six months and the second one was from today when we got home from the doctor. He is growing so fast!!!

In other news, our GC called today and gave us our closing day!!! I am so excited to actually have a solid date! It makes everything seem so much more real. We have one month and four days to get packed up, which sound like a lot of time but I figure I will pack a few boxes everyday during nap time so I don't get overwhelmed. We have a few thing to get sent in to the lender for the mortgage but everything looks great from that end. Now I can start getting things in line for the move, such as setting an appointment with a mover, getting the electricity and cable scheduled for activation, etc. Is there anything you wish you would have gotten done early for your move or something you forgot you really needed? I would really like to know, I seem to always forget things on the list that would have made the move go smoother.

Last and probably least on the scale (but still pretty high up on my list), I got my hair cut!!! If you have seen my facebook in the last two days you will know this was a big ordeal. I have been wanting to cut my hair for a very long time now, but Matt wasn't to sure about it because I have always had pretty long hair since we have been together. So for my husband I kept it the way it was. Recently he saw pictures of short hair styles on the computer that I had been looking at, so he told me to go ahead and do it, worst case scenario I could grow it out in a few months. I came home from lunch with mom and Meg Tuesday and the kids went right to sleep so Matt suggested I go get it done then while he was home. Not having time to make an appointment anywhere else I went to the place down the street (I have been going there since 8th grade but haven't been happy with the service the last year or so.) I went in with a picture of Selma Blair from Hellboy 2 but came out looking like Johnny Depp from Willie Wonka. I could have cried! I think there was a communication error and me being the non confrontational person I am, I told them it was just right and left. Before I had even made it home I made an appointment with a girl at the beauty shop my mother in law goes to to get it fixed. Matt thought it looked fine and like any other man didn't understand the need to get it fixed. Well the happy ending to the story is that the girl was able to fix the mess up and it is even better than I could have imagined. I can't exactly explain it but I feel like a new person... or more like the old me before kids. It is no secret that for a while now I have felt like I was in a rut. Not that I was depressed, I just felt like I had lost a part of myself in the shuffle of being a mom and a wife. I am sure it is all in my head but I feel like I am alive again. When I was younger I was so goofy and outgoing, I feel like it has been pulled back out. For the past day I have been flirting with my husband like we did when we were dating and talking to people while I am out and about. I know it sounds crazy but I think my haircut changed my life! haha... lesson learned that it is cheaper to go to the nice place and get it done the right way rather than paying for two haircuts in the end. Anyway, I feel like I am on top of the world and couldn't be any happier with my life! Well I hear my little angels rustling around up stairs and I have got to make dinner. I hope you are having a great day too!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Jail Birds!

Here are my two little jail birds... Mom got these outfits in Cali. Don't they look so cute all ready for bed time??
This cute sibling affection quickly turns into this..
Brooke pushing away as soon as Maddux starts to grab her back!
But in the end we know she loves her brother.

Here's the cop with his inmates!

These picture were taken about a month ago but I just found them on my computer... I thought they were lost forever but apparently I just put them in the wrong file. I hope to get some new pictures tomorrow.