Saturday, October 10, 2009


Much has been going on in the last week or so. Lots of unpacking and running errands. I have some pictures of the house and the kids on my camera, but the cord to my camera is still in one of the packed "office" boxes. The kids have adjusted wonderfully to the house and enjoy the freedom of being able to go anywhere they want. I am on the hunt for a sewing machine so i can start working on the curtains for the house. I haven't done any sewing since my senior year but i was awarded student of the year for the home economics department, so hopefully i can pull of a few box pleat curtains. My dining room is half painted right now. I got some of it done yesterday while the kids were napping but I didn't get a chance to finish today because there was cleaning to be done. Anyway my reason for this post is because I am loving the weather outside! Me and the kiddos played out in front with the neighbors this evening and it was so nice. It feels like Christmas to me. Christmas to me means candy tins, peanut butter balls, chocolate covered pretzels and turtles. My mouth is watering right now and it is still two months away! So I want to know if you have any special Christmas candy or cookie recipes you would like to share. I just hope these cooler temperatures stay around for a while. I will hopefully have the pics posted before the end of the next week.