Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Pics

Here is our first attempt at Easter picture for the year... I didnt get any really good ones of the kids together. Hopefully we can get some on Sunday when Bri is manning the camera. Its hard to pose kids and take the picture at the same time!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Color Poll

It is time to pick the main color for the house. This is the color that will be in our entryway, living room, kitchen and hallways. I have it narrowed down to two colors but cant decide, so cast your votes. Below are the colors in the different areas of the house. Some of you may think I am crazy because the colors are so similar but I think its such a large area it will be a bigger impact.

The top dark blue is the color of my formal dining which flows into the entryway and the kitchen. Below the samples is our sectional sofa.

Here are the samples beside our Fireplace, as you can tell currently it just blends into the wall. I would love for it to stand out a bit more.

Last, here is each color in the kitchen, with the tile below and the cabinets to the right.

So what do you think?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Coming to a Close

Sadly I only have one more monday night left in the "Experiencing God" bible study. This bible study and the women involved with it have been such a blessing. It has grown my understanding of who God is and what He has done for me so much. Being that I grew up in the church I thought I knew everything there is to know about Him but I was wrong. It has shown me that God is not just some foreign being I have to believe in for eternal life, He is real and personal, He is involved in every facit of my life. He created me and not just for the sake of creation but for a purpose. He is "I AM", everything I have ever needed and will ever need, I just have to fill in the blank and that is what He is. Praise God for being real and involved. I have to admit that even among all the joy of this revelation I am a bit sad and worried. I don't want this time to end, I don't want to lose momentum. Before this bible study I had never really dug deep into God's word on a daily basis. I tried but I had no direction or understanding. I would get discouraged because I would just flip open my bible and look at a passage and think "Ok, what does this mean? What do I do with it?" I don't want to get back to that place. So now I am praying about what to do next. Should I do another bible study on my own to hold me over until the summer bible study? Should I start reading a book of the bible and pray that this time God will help my understand and apply it? I have no clue but I want to do what God leads me to do. My original thought for this post was to see if anyone has a good bible study I should look at doing but I think I will just ask for your prayers instead. If He puts it on your heart to share a bible study or book of the bible that may be good for me, you know how to reach me :)! But please just keep me in your prayers in general, as daily I feel like I need an army praying for me in some way shape or form. Praise God for being the Good Shepherd who leads us, and comes back for us when we wander off the path!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break

Can you believe Spring Break is almost over? Without the kids in school the only reminder that it is Spring Break is that there are so many people out and about during the day. We have still managed to have a bit of fun this week though. Monday I spent most of my day at the rodeo with my mom and my sisters. We had a GREAT time, which we always do when it's just us girls. Matt kept the kids until he had to go to work and we had the girl next door stay at the house while they slept until I got home. Tuesday was the same old daily grind. Wednesday Matt got home around 6 in the morning and slept until lunch time. I had just put the kids down for a nap when he woke so we were able to enjoy a nice lunch with each other and catch up on our DVR list. When the kids got up we gave them a quick lunch and took them out to the park. This weather makes me so happy to have a house near the park. When we got back I put the kids back down for a short afternoon nap while Matt went to the gym and I cooked dinner. It was just a great day at home with my kids and my hubby. It is rare to get that kind of time all together without having to run errands or get cleaning done or going to the doctor (lately this has been a big one). The kids really enjoyed it too, Brooke kept going over to Matt and giving him a big hug and saying, "Thank you, daddy, for taking me to the park and playing monkey bars!" She is such a sweet heart and definately melted our hearts. It just goes to show that you really dont have to buy your kid all the new toys to make them happy, they really just want time with their parents. Well i just heard little Brooke open her door from nap time, we are heading to the store for some more milk... we can't keep enough of that stuff in the house since Brooke was taken off juice! Hope you are enjoying your Spring Break!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a mess!

I just got up from the breakfast table with my two little munchkins a little more enlightened. Yes I do learn lessons from my children! We were all chomping away on our cereal when Maddux let out a huge sneeze and snot filled his nose (yummy). I got up to wipe it for him and him being a baby got frustrated with me and cereal went flying off his tray and onto the floor. Immediately Brooke said "No Bubbah, bad boy." I guess she didn't get the affirmation from me that she wanted for repremanding her brother so she said, "look momma, Maddux made a big mess." The only thing is that she was sitting in front of a mess of her own. You see, she recently started asking for milk in her cereal and though she is very good with the spoon she hasn't figured out the drip factor. She wanted to make sure that I knew about Bubbah's mess but didn't even notice her own. This was a lesson two-fold. How often does God come try to clean me up when I am a mess and I fight Him kicking and screaming? How quick am I to point out someone elses little mess when I have a big sticky one of my own? Man, either God was trying to speak to me or I am taking this job way too serious. I will place my money on God revealing Himself to me, as He has done that so much lately. Time to get ready to head out for the morning. What is God saying to you this morning?

edited to add: keep scrolling I had a post yesterday too! I know, nothing for months and now 2 in less than 24 hours. What's going on here??

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Post, New Post!

Well I have been trying to post this all day but I haven't had a spare second until now. I know it has been a long while but things have been so crazy. The kids have been off and on sick since the new year, he had a pretty bad car accident almost two and a half weeks ago and the best part is that I joined the womens bible study at church! This study has been so wonderful, God knew just what I needed and when I needed it. I have learned so much about my Heavenly Father and His will. It has been life changing! He has brought me peace about things I have been worrying about, He has wrapped His loving arms around me when I felt alone and most importantly He has spoken to me when I questioned if He even cared. Our God is awesome isn't He! Not only has it been great for my spiritual life but He has also brought a great group of women around me. When I was thinking about doing the study I was very hesitant because I always think of womens groups as older women, I am the youngest in the group probably by a good 10 years but what a blessing each one has been to me. When my kids were sick they prayed with me, when we had no car I got calls almost daily offering help. These women who have only known me a few short months have embraced me as a sister no matter how young I am :). I am just so thankful to God that He made all of this happen.

Not to take away from all that God has been doing in the Ham household I also wanted to share some pictures of the kids. We are trying to get Brooke ready for Pre-school in the fall so we are slowly getting into more of a routine. The other thing we have to work on is potty training but for obvious reason I decided to tackle the schedule first. I am trying to find activities to do with Brooke that do not include sitting in front of the tv for hours. Last week we talked about Noahs ark and Brooke made this rainbow with her Mamo on Friday.

This week we are talking about the Fruit of the Spirit so this is today's craft.

Here are a few pictures of Maddux's birthday that I am finally posting. I know I am such a bad mom.

Again I cannot find the spell checker so I am sorry for any misspellings... my best subject in school was not English or Writing, or even Math or Science for that matter!