Thursday, November 29, 2012

Girl Behind the Blog- Most Embarrassing Moment

Hey Yall!

I know it has been way, way too long since I posted. Epic fail on the 21 Day challenge to myself. Although I got a lot done, I didn't finish everything on my list and wasn't able to sit down and blog about any of it!

Anyway, I am did another vlog for Girl Behind The Blog at 5oh Wifey. I love Ashley because she is a fellow Police wife and mom and Christian, so I feel like I can relate to all of her posts. So today they are sharing embarrassing or funny moments. I have plenty of those I could share, but for me there is nothing worse than embarrassing myself in front of the hottest guy I know... my husband! I don't even know if he remembers this story but it sure sticks out in my mind. I hope you can imagine how silly I felt at this very moment.

Ok, so I totally screwed up the ending for this one, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to edit it.

P.S. A close second was when I messed up on a dance routine for drill team, while we were performing in front of hundreds of people, in DISNEY WORLD!!! Wow, glad that I never had to see any of those people ever again.



Fonda said...

That is too funny. I never knew that was how your extensions came out so soon! Reminds me of the Fresh Prince episode where Will begins to wonder how much of his girlfriend is 'fake' when they get locked in the basement and she takes out her extensions.

5ohWifey said...

omgsh that is so funny! I cant imagine 5ohHubby pulling out "my" hair on our first day as a couple!! Glad you linked up!

TicoTina said...

LOL, I definitely get how that would be embarrassing as a newlywed! I love how you said the moral of the story - I did the same thing on my vlog :D

TicoTina said...

ps. do you have twitter? I'd love to follow you!