Wednesday, November 7, 2012

21 Days of Unfinished Projects: Day 7- Freezer Clean Out

Well, this post is about 12 hours later than I had hoped to post it! I have been SOOO under the weather today! Anyway, I finally got my "chore" for the day done.

I remembered to get my before picture!!! Yes, lots of severely frost bitten venison in there.
After: Frozen fruits and veggies each have their own bin. We have been in the process of adjusting our diets to include more fruits and veggies... frozen is the next best thing when you cant get fresh!
The white bin holds our extra bread, below that is our red meats and on the very bottom is our chicken. When I worked in the restaurant that the bottom of the freezer is the safest place for uncooked poultry. The only thing in the door is our ice packs, I also plan on storing our seafood there when I go grocery shopping... which needed to be done yesterday!
So tomorrows post will probably be a little late as well but this weekend I will get back on track, I promise!


Fonda said...

Ooh! Nice looking freezer. I'm going to tackle my medicine cabinet this weekend. See you do inspire me to great things.

Kelli said...

Ha, my medicine cabinet is on my list, and I was going to organize it like yours! I like that you have all the boxes labled, is that not working out anymore??

Anonymous said...

I just organized mine about a month ago. I wished I had before pictures but the after is very clean. Even Allen can find things. I have ointments and medicine(Advil, Tylenol, Sinus Med) in one box, Extras (soap, pocket tissue, etc) in another box, and Finger nail stuff in another box. Well, you get the picture. Anything that didn't fit in a box I left on the shelf, which wasn't a whole lot.

Depending on what he needs, he goes to that box. If not in box then he looks on shelf. Very easy to find.


Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista said...

I have been wanting to get some bins for our refrigerator! Ours can become such a mess way to often! Things all stuffed on top of each other! Yours looks great! I did not know that about the uncooked meat! I will be keeping that in mind from now on. :)