Saturday, March 21, 2009


Have you ever had so many things going on in your life that you can't even think straight? It is taking everything I have to not retreat to my room and sleep until everything clears up. We are trying to get ready to buy a house, keep our current house in decent enough condition for the real estate agent to show it, keeping the kids occupied (Jessie being home has helped with that) and trying to reconnect with my hubby. They aren't lying when they say buying a new home, or having a new baby put a strain on any marriage... we are doing both. It's not that we are fighting, we don't have time for that. We just miss talking to each other and being able to hang out. He is working a ton of overtime and when we do talk it is about stressful things like filling out loan applications or calling the insurance company to make sure Maddux is covered. Our opposite schedules don't help things... I thought I would get used to Matt having night shift by now. We are in agreement that it is all in God's hands but at the same time God helps those who help themselves... we aren't going to wake up one morning and be in a new home. I guess all we can do is keep on keeping on, it is only a season. I said I wanted to become more dependant on God and He is seeing how serious I am about that.


Stacy said...

Hang in there, girl! It will get better! It is really awesome that you all are buying a house - you will have to fill me it! :)

Fonda said...

Don't worry about all of it. Just do what you have to do and then wait to see what doors the Lord opens for you. We certainly never thought that the Lord would have opened the way for us to be where we are now...but He did. We thought we would have to live in a neighborhood for another 5-10 years, but He had other plans and we are glad that we listened when He told us that the other places just weren't the ones for us. It may take a long time for that house to there is no rush right now. Love you. See you in a little bit! We are leaving now.

Tammy said...

Girlfriend, I know exactly how you feel! I want to drop out of college so bad. You are strong, I actually did sleep all week! I did not clean nor do any school work all week. I am so burned out of life that this week I just did not care.

I cannot imagine how hard it must be trying to keep the house clean at all times. I know Kyle and I don't have opposite schedules, but most days he does not get home until after 10pm, and at that time Colton and I are getting in bed.

I totally know how stressed out, exhuasted and lonely you are. That's why we gotta stick together!! :) We need to pick a day that is "Tammy-Kelli Day." That day every month, or twice a month, is our day to hang out, vent, get the kids together, etc!

Hang in there, I am here for you!

Robin said...

YES!!!! Y'all need a Tammy-Kelli day at least once a month...that would be really good for the 2 of you...I vote you do it and stick to it! Girlfriend days are most wonderful just ask your mom.