Monday, March 16, 2009

The difference 24 hours makes!

It is so beautiful today! Not anything like this past weekend. The sun is out, there are birds singing and it is warm enough to wear shorts. This is the most exciting because I still can't fit in my blue jeans very well but I can wear my shorts from last summer. I still haven't been able to join a gym yet, we are waiting to see where we will be moving to in the next few months. Until then I will continue chasing kids and walking when it is nice enough outside. Today I will be doing my walking indoors unfortunately, we are in need of a wal-mart run and those are never quick. At least pushing the cart will help work out my arms. I guess I should go wake up my brood so we can get going. I hope you are enjoying your day!


Anonymous said...

While you are at Wal-Mart get Walking Away the Pounds. This will tide you over until you can join a gym. Good luck.


Fonda said...

It was beautiful today. Too bad I was inside for most of it!