Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Means to an End...

Just be forewarned, I will probably not make much sense of this post as I can not repeat the entire sermon from today, but I will try my best to explain the things that stuck out in my mind most... with out writing a novel.

So I went to Riverpoint today, they had a great worship service that led into one of those rude awakening sermons... you know the ones that you need to hear but don't want to? The Sermon came from 1 Samuel when Saul became jealous of David and sent out his men to kill David. God said he would deliver Saul into David's hands and let him decide what to do. So we are in a scene where Saul is in a cave "taking a leak" (as the pastor ever so gracefully put it) and David sneaks up and cuts a piece of his robe off. When David went back to his men he felt bad for doing so and told his men that no one was allowed to harm him because, even though Saul was trying to kill David, Saul was still his master. I am sure you have heard the story, moving on. Even in the midst of his life being in danger, David saw God and trusted his will. He showed mercy to a man who surely wouldn't do the same for him. My troubles are so much smaller than David's and yet how many times do I forget the things he has promised me and screwed up. How does David keep from letting fear get the best of him? He could have easily killed Saul and been able to go back home and stop hiding... but he knew the things God had in store from him and let God take care of Saul. David doesn't use God as his way to become king, becoming king is part of his journey following God. Do I use God as a means to get to the end I have planned (my goals in life)? I want my ultimate goal in life to be to follow Him, and just let life happen. I am far from this point and I am only human. I know it will take a lot more work and dedication than I have probably ever put into my relationship with God but I am willing to work. Two things the pastor said that I think I will use to help me with my journey:

Don't just try to cope with difficult times, grow from them. Just coping will make you bitter. (Oh so true for me)

I am more interested in my comfort than my faith, God is more interested in my faith than my comfort. (We all know doing things God's way isn't always easy.)

Anywho... I really enjoyed church and I think we will visit again next week. Brooke really enjoyed it as well, she is becoming quite the social butterfly in the nursery. She loves being around other kids. I am off to bed now, it has been a LONG day, actually weekend.


Anonymous said...

Here is my recommendation...pray then listen for when God answers you. Praying is the easy part. Waiting and listening are the hard part. BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.


Fonda said...

So, Brooke is taking after her mother, huh? Miss Social Butterfly herself!

Glad to hear that you are open to the changes God has planted in your heart. Wait patiently on Him and you will find all joy and peace. Love ya, Mom