Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brrr... It's cold out there!

We went out to mom and dad's today for their 4th annual company crawfish boil. This is one of the events we look forward to all year, good food and good fellowship. It was wet and cold but we still had fun. Brooke and Davin were soaked cause they wanted to play outside where it was sprinkling, we couldn't keep them in the tent! We were tuckered out by the time we got home... Matt, Brooke and I missed the afternoon nap that we depend on these days. Hopefully Brooke will sleep all night. She has been running a fever for the last few nights so she hasn't been sleeping very well. She seems to be a lot better today so the odds are in my favor. I am going to church with Matt's mom tomorrow morning, which I am very excited about. I hate going by myself so I haven't been in a while. Brooke really loved Sunday school last week which really got me thinking that I need to get her in church now. I know she doesn't know the difference but I want her to grow up with the Christian values my parents instilled in me. I am hoping that if I have Billie to go with I will be more consistent in going. I also want to get plugged in somewhere. I really loved our old church but I didn't feel like I was plugged in anywhere. They have a great newlyweds group but I was normally the only one without my spouse there, and as a stay at home mom I didn't really fit with the college and career group. Billie's church is a little bigger than our old one so I am hoping to meet some other young mothers. I guess I will report on it tomorrow or Monday. I wanted to post a few pictures of Brooke in her new tent.


Tammy said...

aww she is so cute!

Colton went to church with Kyle's mom last week and today. It has has got me thinking that I need to get back into it an take him. It's just so hard finding a new church (like you said, esp. when you have to go alone) because Kyle works every Sunday. I had such a hard time finding a church in high school after we left FBWH that I never got back into it. Now that Colton isn't in daycare, he doesn't have that interaction with other kids, which he needs. Maybe I will try to find one too, but now I hate to take him away from Kyle's mom since it has kind of become their thing..

Anonymous said...

Take it from someone who has been where you are right now. It is very difficult to find the right church. I was in a town where I only knew my husbands family and only some of them went to church. I tried their churches but it just wasn't a fit for me and since I didn't work I felt I had nowhere else to go so I just stayed at home for about 8 years. I finally went to work, met a Christian person that invited me to his church. It was a Catholic Church(I grew up Baptist) but I decided I would try it. I attended for 2 years and almost became a Catholic but it still wasn't quite the right fit, so I quite going to church again. Finally, I needed a part time job and a friend of a friend needed help, so I help by mopping floors at a huge Methodist church. This church was always busy. No matter when we were at the church cleaning there was someone there doing something. Do you know what really impressed me about this church besides being active??? A lot of them would stop and say hello, how are you doing today? I was the janitor and they didn't know me but they stopped to see how I was doing and introduce themselves. I decided to check out this church. I found out that most of them were like that. I'll admit that Brittany does go with me and that did help a lot. She doesn't met a stranger and thanks to her I met more people and now I participate in different things and have met some pretty terrific people. Sorry to go on so long but I guess my point is this...don't give up even if you have to go alone and don't settle for a church that doesn't feel right to you. If you don't wake up on Sunday mornings excited about going to church then you haven't found the right one yet. Visit a church outside your denomination like I did. It may or may not be for you but you will never know until you try. You will find the right church when you least expect it. Even while mopping a floor.