Monday, December 17, 2012

When Dolly is Defiant

We called it right when we gave Brooke the title of Diva while I was pregnant. She had the little neck roll, hand in the air, "whatever" down at a very early age. What was so cute and silly when she was 2 is not so cute at 5. I will admit, she gets it from her momma. I am was a handful at times. Having a good attitude and be respectful is something we are working hard at these days, and Brooke has been doing a lot better. But recently, Dolly has been having some trouble with it.

Dolly's time out spot in the kitchen cabinet.

In an effort to speak her mind, without worry of getting in trouble, Brooke has been using her toys and stuffed animals as her scape-goats. At first I didn't know how to handle it, because I know that the disobedience is coming from her heart and it isn't just "play". So I sat her and her toy down, and I let her lead the discussion with Dolly about why her actions were not good. Initially, she thought it was funny and that I was just playing into her game, but then I reminded her what happens when SHE acts this way, and it was off to time out Dolly went. Now this was as much a punishment for her as it was Dolly, because now she didn't have her toy to play with. After this little exercise, I was able to see how much she really is understanding, and the things that are still being lost in translation. I now know what is truly being defiant and what areas I need to show a little grace and forgiveness for.

It also leaves me wondering, how many times do I try to blame my disobedience on an outside source, maybe even unintentionally. I am so thankful that God shows us grace, but also that he points those areas out to us in a loving way, because honestly, I just want to make my Daddy happy, just like I know Brooke wants to make me happy.

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