Monday, October 25, 2010

My Mom Cave in the Works

Over at Centsational Girl they are doing a give away for a gift card to Home Goods to make-over your "mom cave." You all know how much I LOVE Home Goods so I couldn't turn down the chance to enter.

This is my mom cave/home office and it's a work in progress. It is were I go to pay bills, organize the family calendar and do my quiet time. This is also where I do many of my projects and where I will be doing my classes for school whenever the kids start preschool. It may not be grand but it is so special to me. With Matt working nights and sleeping during the day, my bedroom is pretty much off-limits, so this is were I go for peace and quiet.

This is command central, but after this week the book shelf will be in Brooke's room, anyone want to help install built-ins?

The only one I have to share my space with is Ms. Jessie, our dog, but I don't mind at all.

Do you have a space all your own? Do you feel like you need one? What would be your dream space?


Fonda said...

You have totally changed your office. Where did the other bookshelf go? And where did the chairs come from? What do you want to do to change it? Good luck on the Home Goods gift certificate!

klham said...

The other book shelf is currently in the dining room for the kids toys but it too will be in Brooke's room this week. The chairs are from Billie's dining room (I still havent finished recovering them.) I would like to put in a half wall of book shelves all the way across the wall on the left, put the desk under the window and get a settee for reading and relaxing. maybe paint again :)

Jane said...

What a great space with lots of potential! I am sure it is going to be lovely when you are done.


Roberta said...

I love your idea of lower bookcases on the wall and the desk in front of the window so that you have a view ;) And of cours a comfortable seat for guests who come to visit you in your Mom Cave. Best of Luck! Fondly, Roberta

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

I really like your desk and chair....totally my style! Good luck with the contest :)

klham said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies!

Kimberly- would you believe that my desk used to be a roll top? I chopped the top off and painted it to look more feminine and the chair is from Ikea.

Sofia Sandoval said...

It will make a great space!