Friday, October 22, 2010

Kiss my... Polenta???

So the menu is set through next week and all the shopping has been done. We are venturing out and trying foods we have never had before. We are attempting cook things we normally don't like in new ways (specifically veggies). Although our parents offered veggies at every meal neither one of us ate many of them, and the ones we do like are opposite from each other. The things he likes, I don't care for and the things I like, he doesn't. So tonight I made a new recipe from one of my Martha Stewart cook books, Braised Chicken with Mushrooms and Polenta. Matt doesn't normally eat mushrooms and I had never tried polenta before (or so I thought), so we decided it would be a great starter for us. It was incredibly easy and oh so yummy.

Last night, I learned that when cooked the right way my husband will eat mushrooms (in fact not leave any on his plate) and polenta is just a fancy word for what us southern girls call grits. Savory or sweet I love grits and it was a perfect balance to this light and tasty meal. Just wait until you see whats for dinner the rest of the week. And since I still had my camera in the kitchen this morning I took a few pictures of my little beauty (bubby was still asleep).

I think she is enjoying her bagel and cream cheese :)

Smiling pretty for the camera!


Robin said...

cute cute and in the second picture of Brooke I can see a resemblence of her Nonna in her, first time I have seen that...:)

Tammy said...

I posted on here a few days ago but not it's not on here...

The chicken looks yummy! But I can only eat raw mushrooms. Kyle doesn't do mushrooms at all. I even got Colton to eat raw mushrooms dipped in ranch :) mmm

Fonda said...

The dinner looks delicious...but my girl looks the best!