Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy Busy Shockingly Busy

Well we have had a busy month this past month. Brian' graduation weekend we had to take Maddux to the hospital for a really high fever. By the time he got well it was time for Matt and I to head out to Port A. We had a great weekend together without the kids. We didn't get to stay as long as we would have liked but Matt had to get back to work and we needed to let Billie get some rest before she headed back to work on Monday. It was really nice to reconnect with each other, we have both been so busy for different reasons and haven't had much time for each other. Matt also enjoyed hanging out with my family, his work schedule prevents him from going out to Waller most weekends so he misses out on a lot. We mostly sat by the pool all weekend although we did sneak out for a late lunch just the two of us and I was treated to a pedicure (something I haven't done since Meagans wedding). We also went to the aquarium with Will but I think I prefer the one at Moody Gardens. All in all it was a good weekend, one of my favorite parts was the three and a half hour drive to and from where we had nothing to do but talk and it wasn't two year old talk!!! I sure did miss my kiddos though. When we drove into Rosenburg and I started to recognize stuff I got little butterflies in my stomach I was so happy to pick up the kids. The big smile Maddux had on his face when he heard my voice just melted my heart, kids are the greatest. Monday I went to visit Miss Tayler, she is so beautiful! She is a mommas girl though, I don't know how Tammy does it because that girl doesn't want anything to do with anyone but her. I have spent much of my week so far purging our home of all the junk we don't need anymore. It was kind of sad boxing up things like some of Brooke's old stuffed animals but she never uses them and would be appreciated more at some other house. I am really bad about keeping stuff even though I know I will never look at it again so I am trying to break that bad habit. I have a few pictures of the kids I need to post but Maddux just woke from his nap so it will have to wait a while. Hope this post finds you well!

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