Friday, June 26, 2009

June Pictures

I am finally posting pics from June. It was a busy month, I have 207 pictures in this months file. I erased a total of 1092 pictures from my memory card yesterday cause it was almost full.

These first two are from our play date with Colton at the beginning of the month... Brooke loves Colton!

This one is of Matt and Maddux playing baseball on the XBOX360... I thought it was so funny how into it Maddux was.

This last one is of us at Brian's graduation party... Brooke and Maddux were both napping.

I am hoping to get a really good picture of all of us when we go to the beach next week but we will see how that goes... it is almost impossible to get everyone in the same place at the same time and have everyone looking at the camera.

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Tammy said...

oh my goodness, Maddux looks sooo much like Matt! I am hoping everyone won't say that with Tayler and Kyle. We need to have a play date again, and me be there! :) I have been cleaning all morning, it feels great! I finally feel a little energized so I am trying to take advantage of it :) Looking forward to seeing yal next weekend!!