Friday, June 26, 2009

It takes a degree to register for college!

I have spent the last week or so trying to get things lined up for Matt and I to take classes this fall... it has been so confusing! I have been in touch with people at both schools trying to figure out what I need to do to register, what classes we need and I am still praying I did our FAFSA forms correctly. I just remembered why I got turned off from going to school right after I graduated. We are making slow but steady progress. I have picked my classes for fall, they are waiting in my 'cart' until we hear back about financial aid. I just started on Matt's stuff today so he is supposed to have a meeting with the rep from Mountain State to find out which classes will transfer from UH. I was very excited after my meeting to find out that I get to start on all regular college courses except math... I was expecting much worse. I only have to take 2 math classes that are below college level, there are 4 total. Anyone who knows me knows I hate math and never excelled at it, I probably would have done better if I put forth more effort in high school, but you can't change the past. So I am signed up for one of my math classes, Texas history and an intro to college type class. I haven't declared my major yet but I am pretty sure it will be early education. I thought about going for interior design but teaching is more stable and I would have off most days the kids did. Anyway, that is what is new around here... adding more to our plate on top of new baby, buying a house, Matt becoming a trainer at work... I think I can handle it though!

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