Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Writers Block

I have gotten on my blog everyday since last Monday but when I sit down to post my mind goes blank. The only exciting thing that has happened was Saturday when we went to see Rent but mom already posted about that. Brooke went to the Dr on Wednesday for her 18 month visit, everything went well. She had to have 4 shots and a skin test... I am not sure what it was for, I hope that doesn't make me a bad mom. I have been trying to keep the kiddos home this last week since that baby died here and Houston from the swine flu. Matt took off Saturday and Sunday night to relax. He stayed with the kids while I was at the play and we all had a lazy day on Sunday. We are going on Friday to pick out the stuff for the house at the design center. I am totally nervous about it, being that I have always been a renter I have no clue what my style is. I don't want to get into the house and regret everything that I put into it. When I lived with my parents and finally got my own room, I painted it once or twice a year, beautiful bright colors. I would change my bedding and rearrange my furniture all the time. Now that it is our house I am scared to be that bold. I think it is a combination of wanting it to look like an adult space (not a teenagers) and wanting it to suit every ones taste that comes in. My mother in law likes a more traditional style, my mom has more of a country "lived in" style, Meg has a more contemporary style, I have... no set style. There is a great designer on HGTV named Angelo Surmelis, who's blog I follow, a lot of his designs are very eclectic but in a warm welcoming way. If I could afford to hire him to do my house I would, but I am not going to kid myself. I have been looking at design magazines and cutting out things that catch my eye,but I don't know how to bring it all together. I also have tried to figure out my style by my closet but most of the stuff in there is from pre marriage time when I was a teenager. My biggest worry is the kitchen and the bathrooms, you can easily change paint colors and accessories like light fixtures but flooring, counter tops and cabinets are another story. I guess I better figure it out in the next few days. Well at least I thought I had nothing to write about. Happy Cinco De Mayo!


Fonda said...

It will come together...and don't worry about our styles. This is for you, Matt and the kids. We will love it no matter what.

Miss August said...

If you tend to cut pictures from magazines in the same style i.e. eclectic... that's probably your decorating style.

Also an idea is if you see a picture you like, maybe you can copy that room. Another idea is to look/find a student designer at U of H. A student who is building their portfolio and experience would probably do it for free!

If money is no object, I would get Candice Olson or Lee Snijders to design my house. They are two of my favorite HGTV designers.

Tammy said...

Good luck and have fun! and remember it is yours and matt's house, no one else's. Who care's if it doesn't meet someone elses style? It is YOUR home. They won't be living there, you will be. Just remember when you are there to pick what you think you will like, not what someone else will like. Have fun! Love you!

P.S. would you like to have a "date" next week? I am thinking of taking colton to the zoo. I want to try and take him to do fun stuff while its just me and him.

Anonymous said...

Don't stress yourself. When you are at the design center, I'm sure they are only going to offer you a few choices so you are not overwhelmed.

Try looking at different sites on the HGTV website. I know they have a show named Find Your Style. I love it. Take a look and see if you have an ah ha moment.

Good luck on Friday. I will say a little prayer for you.