Friday, May 8, 2009

Done and Done

Well we went to the design center today to pick everything out. We got almost all of the upgrades we wanted. The only thing that I really wanted that didn't fit our budget was hardwood floors through the house. We settled for tile in the wet areas and carpet in the rooms that will be used most by the kids. We figure the little ones will have the carpet worn out in about 5 or 6 years so at that time we can put the wood floors down. We got the new front loader washer and dryer which was a big must for me. I was very worried about making such final choices but Matt reminded me that it is our house, we can change whatever we want whenever we want to. Now I can start thinking about paint colors. We are going to just hire painters to come in after we close because the home builder wants to charge too much for doing each room a different color. It is a relief to know that stage is done. All we have to do now is meet with our contractor once a month to make sure everything is to our specs. There were so many choices but it helped that I had a good idea of what I wanted. The consultant was great because she ran the numbers for everything we wanted and from there we decided what was most important to keep. End of August is when we should be moving in, I can hardly wait. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy Mothers Day!


Fonda said...

Congrats! Job well done.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything worked out. I did say a little prayer for you on Friday, as promised. I'm sure everything will look great. And remember, this is your house, don't worry what anyone else will like. If you like it, your friends and family will like it.