Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Matt really needs prayer right now. He has been getting so discouraged about work lately. He loves his job and works really hard, he has even been offered a brand new "shop" (police car) as a sort of reward for being proactive during his shifts. The only down side is that the media has been giving our boys in blue so much flack lately. We don't get the newspaper so Matt reads articles on and the negative comments show how little appreciation people have for what they do. These men and women serve our city and put their lives on the line everyday and all anyone can do is point out the few bad situations that have occurred lately. It gives everyone on the force a bad reputation and no respect. It isn't just strangers who feel this way but people we know as well. I think if people walked in their shoes for one day they would see how hard it is on not only these men but their families as well. Matt has been on the streets for a year now and I still worry about him. My biggest fear is that someone will come to my door at 3 in the morning and say that my husband has been injured or killed. I have told him that if it comes to it I would rather him shoot than get shot, of course we both hope that it never comes to that, but in the area he works in there is that possibility. Please just pray that the moral of not only Matt but all police officers will not be crushed by the things being said about them and the way people treat them. I know that there will always be people critical of them but hopefully they will be able to see past that and remember why they do what they do.


Fonda said...

As hard as it is to see in print, there will always be backlash against everyone in the profession from a few people and it will seem worse when something truly wrong has happened at the hands of a police officer. BUT you need to always remember that there are many more people who respect the job of our men in blue than those who don't. Those message boards on are almost always over the top negative. So many are people who just complain to complain or people who hide behind their avatar persona trying to come off as tough or funny.

The badge is only as good as the man who wears it. That was true in the 'wild west' and it is still true today. Matt's conduct has remained steady with and without the badge. Be proud of him, encourage him and never stop praying for him.


Tara said...

yeah, i was debating being a police officer and i think its messed up how people treat them....i mean some people are good...but i listen to how my coworkers talk everytime a police officer comes into work and its messed like, ok guys, if you dont mess up then you have no reason to not like officers...they do so much for us! being in the service, i know how it is to have the media portray a messed up opinion of people in uniform...which is stupid because we are all here to protect them! but i fight for their right to talk crap so i guess i cant say too much...and overseas i never told people i was in the military...especially the us military...i mean we are so horrible **rolls eyes** so yeah i completely understand why he would get discouraged...let him know he isnt alone and even though there are people that dont like him just for his uniform...there are many that do and one day those people that talk crap will need someone in just do what you love and never give them a chance to be right!

Miss August said...

Your mom is right about those people who's posting on those thread just to complain. Encourage Matt not to read the message board on If you come across good articles about the police dept., cut and clip it for him, so he can see that there more people out there that respect the man-in-blue.

Anonymous said...

KElli, The ones that are complaining now will be the first to call for the police if something goes wrong. They want these men and women to be at their beck and call but are very abusive when they don't need them. Don't let it get you and Matt down, just give 100% and enjoy what you are doing. Life is too short to worry about the 10% of the world that stands up and makes all the noise. The other 90% thinks our men and women in uniform are the good guys and some do mess up once in a while but, hey they are human too. Praying for both of you. Aunt Fran

Brenda said...

Kelli, your mom is so right about so much..."there will always be someone finding fault with our men in blue or complain. Matt is an honorable man so he wear his badge proudly. Just keep him in prayer know God is watching over him with a band of angels. We are all praying for both of you. I always pray for Matt's safety.