Saturday, April 4, 2009


As I am sure everyone knows, looking at houses can be tiring and overwhelming. I thought if I started thinking about how I want to decorate my very first home it would keep me upbeat. I bought a few decorating magazines and started watching HGTV. I am addicted to that channel. Brooke watches her shows while I make breakfast and we eat but other than that every free chance I get it is on. I watch the shows about buying and selling houses, decorating indoors and out. The only problem is that now I want to take little things from almost everything I see and roll them into one. I think it will be even harder for me to settle on a house. I would really like an older ranch style home because they have so much personality and potential. But with older homes come the likelihood for major problems. I don't want that! I would love to build our own home but I am sure that it is way too expensive. I have found that most of the homes in Houston area are cookie cutter, it may not be the same as your neighbor but you can bet someone else on the street has the some floor plan. Why can't you have the best of both worlds? Newer and pre built with lots of personality and charm. I am sure I will walk into a home and fall in love with it when we actually start touring the houses... pictures online just don't do them justice.

I hope to take Easter pictures of the kids this week... weather permitting.


Fonda said...

Too many ideas, it is a family weakness!


Anonymous said...

I've been addicted for years. They have soooo many great ideas. Allen hates it. Everytime he turns around I say "I saw this thing on HGTV and I want to try it". He gets this look on his face everytime, "I hope they cancel that network soon". He hates doing honey do jobs.He thinks the house is fine just the way it is and it is but it could be spectacular if he would let me have my way. I've been wanting to repaint our bedroom since the day we painted it the color he wanted. I hate it. Since our whole house is paneled (from the 80's era)now I want to hang paintable wallpaper. Now he has to wallpaper and paint. HA HA