Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Catching Up

It has been over a week since my last post, one long crazy week. Easter Sunday the kids and I went over to my in laws house, while Matt stayed home for some shut eye. We had planned on doing an egg hunt for Brooke but it rained all morning. Instead I took Billie and Sarah out to the model home since neither had seen it yet, Billie loved it and Sarah was wanting one of the huge houses for herself. On our way home we stopped to take pictures in the blue bonnets, that wasn't very successful either. Both kiddos were tired and Brooke was terrified of the cars driving by the field. We stayed home Monday and Tuesday, during nap time I was getting paperwork ready for the mortgage company. I was really regretting not unpacking those boxes when we moved in. We will only be here for a few more months so I just got what I needed and left the rest. Wednesday was Sarah's 21st birthday so Billie and I took her out to eat with the babies. Thursday my mom and I went out to the house so she could see it, the cleaning crew was there so she didn't really get to look at everything. I think she liked what she saw though. Friday morning Bri came over to watch the little ones while Matt and I went to the design center. Our appointment to pick everything out is next week. We only have 3 hours and they charge for any time over that so we wanted to get an idea of what upgrades we would be getting. That night Billie came over to stay with Brooke and Maddux while I went out for Sarah's birthday party. I had tons of fun, Matt wasn't able to go so I invited Cristina to come with me. Us moms showed those college girls up, they just sat there while we danced the night away. I guess when you don't get out much you make the most of it. Saturday I met Bri and my cousins up at the mall, then went to mom and dads to celebrate Greek Easter with them. For the last three days I have been been trying to catch up on everything from sleep to chores to just hanging out with my babies. This week should be pretty relaxed, just sitting by the phone waiting to hear from the loan officer. Below are some pictures of Brooke and Maddux in their Easter outfits.


Fonda said...

Oh my goodness! How precious they are! I love the picture of Brooke giving Maddux the fish face kisses.

The house is beautiful and I can hardly wait to see it with your personal flair on it.

Tammy said...

Maddux is getting sooo big!!