Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a great day!

Today Matt, Brooke and I spent the entire day together. One very nice thing about Matt having off on Tuesdays is that we can go to the mall without the crowds... it is much more enjoyable that way, especially when your little one hates the stroller! We had lunch at Chick-fil-a and walked around the mall, I spent the last of my Christmas gift cards on some post pregnancy clothing. It was nice to shop for normal clothes, though I could only get tops because I have no clue what size jeans to get. Then we went to a doctors appointment, the babies heartbeat is nice and strong and we can expect him to be here at any time. Brooke thought it was funny when they put the jelly on my stomach to check the heartbeat. Then we made a quick trip to Wally World... another place that is a lot less crowded during the week. Brooke was so good, even though she missed her afternoon nap, I was so proud.

In other news, Barak Obama was sworn into office today. I didn't vote for him in November but I really hope he does well and that he can help get the country back on track economically. We will see how the next four years go.

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Fonda said...

Ahhh, to shop in the middle of the week again. I look forward to that when your dad let's me retire.