Friday, October 5, 2012

Bad Momma!

So, I just realized that Elliot has been here for 8 weeks and I still have not posted any pictures of her! Poor third child! Don't worry, I slapped my wrist and pulled out the camera for pictures of everyone last night. Enjoy!!!
My baby is holding her head up!
Watching her puppy and smiling.
The big kids playing ball with daddy.
We have lift off!
My big boy! ( He got a haircut after these pictures were snapped)
Our oldest, Jessie Poo!

Daddy's Girls!

Silly faces!
I realized last night, one of the most attractive things about my husband is seeing how good of a father he is to our children. I am sure there are many women out there who can relate.

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Fonda said...

Yeah! Pictures of my babies!! And that one of Maddux is really good, with or without the haircut.