Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Linen Closet

So this next project has actually was actually done about 3 or 4 weeks ago. The overwhelming need to conquer clutter actually began as soon as we found out we were expecting our third baby. Our home is not tiny by any means but it is what most would consider a starter home, so organization becomes very important when space is limited. Anyway, our number one goal starting this year was to pay off one of the cars... extra nesting cash was limited. I took stock of my home and what I had on hand, this was the project with the fastest and cheapest results. Again, no before pictures...

I have heard from many people, "label everything, it keeps the
family all on the same page."
Starting from the bottom, a couple of our larger extra throw pillows and
our beach bag. Originally we had our beach towels on the shelf
and the bag in another closet, then I realized how silly that was.
Extra sheets are on the shelf above.

For all of the smaller items that tend to get muddled up I used these drawer organizers
from Ikea. I just used a paint pen to label them because my label maker doesn't make labels large
enough to really catch the eye. If I want Matt and the kids o help keep  up the system I need it
kind of "in your face". I know my shams and pillowcases are overflowing a little bit but
I'm trying to keep it real!

The top two shelves are for extra towels and extra blankets. It looked a little nicer
when we had the heavy comforter on our bed and the lighter one up in the closet, but
it has been in the 80's everyday! While watching a show on HGTV I learned "the right way"
to fold towels. In all honesty, this has been something I have changed a few times in my
6 years of marriage, the way I fold towels. Silly I know but that is another story.

And because I can't pull out the camera without them jumping in front of it... and
they are the real reason why you come here. Brooke

and Maddux! (please excuse the random something dripping down the wall
beside him... I have no clue what it is)

All in all this project was FREE fr me but you can find these boxes at Ikea for less than $10, they come in a set of 6 boxes in varying sizes.

Now I am working on getting the kids clothes consolidated into one dresser. I took the day off yesterday to play hide and seek, watch some toons and just enjoy my kiddos. 


Fonda said...

Looking good...especially those last two photos.

Oh, and by the way, I never would have noticed the drip had you not pointed it out.

Laura Darling said...

Looks great! I feel so much better when everything is organized!