Saturday, August 14, 2010

You Make Me Wanna SHOUT!

I was debating posting anything today because I don't really have many followers but I just can't contain the joy I am feeling. First of all I had an AWESOME day today, my MIL purchased tickets for Brooke and I to go to the theatre with her and have a girls day. We headed out at 9 to pick her up and then on to The Hobby Center in downtown. There was absolutely no traffic on the way there so we made it by 10 and the show started at 11. We took a few pictures of our "Prima Donna" and then went on in for a snack, cotton candy and a Capri sun. Nick Jr's Story Time Live was great, Brooke was so engaged the entire time. After it was over we picked up a few shirts and toys and then made our way to the car. on the way home we stopped at Fudruckers for lunch which is so laid back Brooke always has fun (especially since she gets a cookie with her kids meal). After we dropped Billie off at home we picked some lunch up for Matt and Maddux, where Brooke got some free ice cream... can we say sugar rush!!! All in all it was just so great to see my little girl so happy and well behaved. The joy that came over her face as each of her favorite characters was introduced, I couldn't help but smile with her. These are the days that I treasure as a mommy. It's not only this great day that has me on cloud nine today, it's also Dr. Laura... Dr. Laura!?! Yes, you read it right, I have been reading one of her books that my mom has gotten me "In Praise of Stay- At- Home Moms". Although I haven't finished reading the book it has already brought to my attention so many things that have been weighing on me in the last several months. I have been listening to the negativity from people all around me about why being a SAHM sucks, I am a slave to my husband and children, I have a thankless job, It's not a real job, I can't do anything for myself. ENOUGH!!! I have the greatest most important job not just a woman, but a person can have! I am shaping my children into wonderful little people, I'm not letting someone else do it for me. I am making myself available to my husband and making many great memories with him. I am blessed to be able to be the center of my home, the person my husband, kids, family and friends call when they are in need. Yes, some people may take advantage of that but I love to help anyway because God gave me a caring and nurturing heart. I get to pursue any and all of my hobbies and apply them to my home and family life. My amazing husband encourages me to seek knowledge purely for enjoyment with no expectations for me to make our first million off of it. I know I am rambling but this new lease on my life has been so freeing. I no longer envy my friends who are stuck behind a desk, missing their children, feeling rushed to get dinner on the table and house cleaned up before the next rat race begins. I will gladly deal with an afternoon of "tantrum wars", as we like to call it in this house, because the next day I can plan a last minute trip to the zoo. Anyway, I can't wait to finish the second half of this book as it has given me the boost of moral that I needed, Dr Laura is my cheerleader! :)

Brooke enjoying her cotton candy, Daddy wasn't there to regulate her sugar intake!

Brooke by the stage door, I am sure one day she will be the one coming outside to sign play bills :)

Brooke looking up at the poster, she was so excited she wouldn't look forward


Robin said...

very cute...after colton saw her all he wanted to do was go see Brooke...great show...and I love your hair...oh...and I look forward to reading your never know who reads it...keep updates coming.

Fonda said...

Cute, cute, cute! I am glad she had a good time on her first theatre outing. She will joining us for 'Girls Night Out' at the musicals in no time! Love you both! Mom

Anonymous said...

Kelli, I love your blog! I may not comment each time but I check it everyday I'm in the office. Being a SAHM is one of the greatest times of your life. I always felt just as bad as the kids when they had to go back to school. Enjoy each day and forget the little green eyed monster called "jealousy". Most everyone would like to stay at home with their little ones. Love ya'll, Aunt Fran