Friday, July 23, 2010

Challenge #2

My favorite vacations are as follows:

5) Disney World with my high school drill team
4) Our first eight hour trip to Arkansas with Derrick (four grown men, two pregnant girls, mom and Bri in one car!)
3) Any of our many stays at the resort in Port Aransas
2) Disney World with my family (Mamaw Jenkins had just passed and it was nice to spend time with family and take our minds off of it)
1)San Antonio with Matt (we had both gotten paychecks from our new jobs and decided to go to away for the weekend... within an hour we were on the road) This was before kids and pets when all we had was each other.

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Fonda said...

I think the last minute trips are often the most fun because there are no expectations attached to them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on vacations! I need to write my post tonight!!!