Monday, March 8, 2010

New Post, New Post!

Well I have been trying to post this all day but I haven't had a spare second until now. I know it has been a long while but things have been so crazy. The kids have been off and on sick since the new year, he had a pretty bad car accident almost two and a half weeks ago and the best part is that I joined the womens bible study at church! This study has been so wonderful, God knew just what I needed and when I needed it. I have learned so much about my Heavenly Father and His will. It has been life changing! He has brought me peace about things I have been worrying about, He has wrapped His loving arms around me when I felt alone and most importantly He has spoken to me when I questioned if He even cared. Our God is awesome isn't He! Not only has it been great for my spiritual life but He has also brought a great group of women around me. When I was thinking about doing the study I was very hesitant because I always think of womens groups as older women, I am the youngest in the group probably by a good 10 years but what a blessing each one has been to me. When my kids were sick they prayed with me, when we had no car I got calls almost daily offering help. These women who have only known me a few short months have embraced me as a sister no matter how young I am :). I am just so thankful to God that He made all of this happen.

Not to take away from all that God has been doing in the Ham household I also wanted to share some pictures of the kids. We are trying to get Brooke ready for Pre-school in the fall so we are slowly getting into more of a routine. The other thing we have to work on is potty training but for obvious reason I decided to tackle the schedule first. I am trying to find activities to do with Brooke that do not include sitting in front of the tv for hours. Last week we talked about Noahs ark and Brooke made this rainbow with her Mamo on Friday.

This week we are talking about the Fruit of the Spirit so this is today's craft.

Here are a few pictures of Maddux's birthday that I am finally posting. I know I am such a bad mom.

Again I cannot find the spell checker so I am sorry for any misspellings... my best subject in school was not English or Writing, or even Math or Science for that matter!


Robin said...

glad to see a post from you...have missed your updates, and though I see pics of the kids on your moms post, I enjoy your pictures as well...

Fonda said...

Ahh...the joys of spell check. My favorite little button!

Thanks for the pics. So Cute!

Tammy said...

I know how you feel about the kids being sick on and off. Mine have been the exact same way since Christmas. It's so hard to get in a good routine when they are always sick and we they aren't I am.

Glad you met a good group of women. Sorry I have not been around much, I know I am a bad friend. :(

Anonymous said...

Of course, I would be the only one to notice this but I wanted you to know in case you want to take the picture out or crop it. The picture of Brooke's rainbow. Did you notice the word that is spelled on the left hand side going down? I thought not.

Love the picture of Brooke. She is gorgeous!! She is growing out of her baby stage and into a beautiful little girl. Love the picture of Maddux too. He is growing up so fast.


klham said...

hahahahaha... I did not notice that Rita, thank you for pointing it out!