Sunday, February 8, 2009

how did people live without internet?

For as long as I was old enough to use a computer I remember having an e-mail... Mr Carlos gave my family an old computer and put Juno on it. The connection was slow and I had no one to really e-mail but it was there if I needed it. If you would have told me back then that my mom was going to "journal" online I would have called you a liar. We were not allowed to have our names or initials anywhere in our e-mail address for fear of identity theft or child predators. Now she tells great stories about our family and friends for anyone to see... but I digress! So in these wee hours of the morning I am up once again with an aching back. In an effort to pass the time before everyone wakes up and I can go soak in the tub in mom and dads room, I get on my social networking sights to catch up on things going on. I usually just look at new picture my friends have posted, check on some of the girls from high school who are planning weddings or having babies, but this morning was a special treat. My cousin who lives in Arkansas was up as well, we got to chat and catch up on things since Meagan's wedding. He got to hear about how my husband and children were doing and I got to hear about his many college adventures. This is someone that I see maybe once a year but we are able to talk non stop for an hour and a half. I am just so thankful for this thing we call Internet where I can stay close with family. I think it also prompts mom and dad to talk to their siblings on the phone more often. They are always so shocked to hear that we have the latest news from our cousins before they do. I think I am going to challenge myself to be better about sending an e-mail or text when I am thinking about someone. Life gets so hectic that I never get around to doing it but I really enjoy getting a response when I do take the time. Thanks Al Gore... lol just kidding!


Robin said...

Your just too cute! Now go and have that baby!

Miss August said...

Good old Juno email account. It was my very first email account as well. I was very fortunate that Paul was in computers, and I was always exposed with the latest and greatest in the computer field. Even before pc was in every household, we already had even before Autumn was born and Paul was learning "how to program". I remember our first computer was a Vic 20 then we upgraded to a Commodore 64! /lol

I also remember when Paul was learning "HTML" codes 'coz he wanted to design website and that got me wanting to learn as well so I can design my own website. I remember having my personal website that I designed myself 12 years ago and Paul's family wasn't very happy that I was posting photos and stories about me and Autumn.

Thanks for this post Kelli! Reminded me of so many happy memories! Maybe, I'll blog about this too!

Thanks again for the walk down the "Internet memory lane"!

Stacy said...

Yes, Bri and I talk about cows! :)

Can't wait for the arrival on the new baby boy! How exciting!